Guides for Touch Portal

Getting started with Touch Portal

So you want to get started with Touch Portal? Here are guides to help you get started. Go through them to learn about Touch Portal and what it can do!

Using Touch Portal for the first time

  1. Onboarding Touch Portal desktop
  2. Connecting Touch Portal Mobile
  3. Understanding the main window
  4. Create your first button
  5. Understanding the Page controls
  6. Navigating between pages
  7. Creating a multi action macro button
  8. Create your first Slider
  9. Understanding Logic functions
  10. Values, an introduction
  11. Explaining Local Values and States
  12. Events, an introduction
  13. Flows, an introduction
  14. Using the extended If Statement
  15. Automatic switching Page based on active Application (windows and MacOS only)
  16. Overview of all hotkeys within Touch Portal

Touch Portals Actions

  1. Using Run & Open actions
  2. Using Key Press actions
  3. Using the mouse click action
  4. Using File IO actions

Touch Portals Upgrades

  1. What can I do with the Icon Editor Graphics Upgrade?
  2. What can I do with the Multiple Devices Upgrade?

Importing Touch Portal files

  1. Import an icon pack (.tpi)
  2. Import a Touch Portal page (.tpz)
  3. Import a Touch Portal button (.tpb)
  4. Import a Touch Portal plug-in (.tpp)

Using OBS with Touch Portal

  1. Start using OBS with Touch Portal
  2. Create an activate Scene button
  3. Create a Start / Stop streaming button
  4. Show your Streaming Time and FPS on a button
  5. Show a preview of your Scene on a button
  6. How to send Custom Requests to OBS through the WebSocket

Using Twitch with Touch Portal

  1. Start using Twitch
  2. Create and share a Twitch clip
  3. Using the Channel Points redeem event
  4. Show Twitch Viewer, Followers and Subscribers count on a button
  5. Parsing Twitch !command chat messages
  6. Act on first time chatters this session

Using Photoshop with Touch Portal

  1. Connecting Photoshop with Touch Portal
  2. Create state aware Tool selection buttons

Using Lightroom with Touch Portal

  1. Connecting Lightroom with Touch Portal

Using Philips Hue with Touch Portal

  1. Start using Philips Hue with Touch Portal

How to...

  1. How to create a toggle button
  2. How to create a radio button
  3. How to show the time on a button
  4. How to create an Endless Loop you can cancel


  1. An are-you-sure-button
  2. A Master and Slave toggle button
  3. Send a Tweet randomized from a collection
  4. Play a tower bell sound each whole hour


  1. Creating an icon pack for Touch Portal