How to Auto Navigate Pages (Windows Only)

Getting started with Touch Portal

This guide will help you understand how to use the automatic page switching.

Automatic Page Switching

In Touch Portal you can set up your pages to become active when you activate a certain application on your Windows computer. Lets say for example that you want to show a page when you activate Photoshop. Touch Portal lets you do this.

Lets select the page you want to set up the auto navigation for. In our case this is our Photoshop page (1). You can find the options for the auto navigation system on the right side page menu (2). The next section will explain what options you have in this system.

Auto navigation options

To set up a proper dynamic experience, just one option to auto navigate will not be enough. Here are the options you can set for a page

No Auto navigation

Setting this option means that this page will not react on Windows applications being activated. It will not be aware of the system.

When process filename contains

This is the main functionality. You can put here part of the process filename or only a part of it. Everytime a Windows application becomes activated, Touch Portal will check the full file path of the process and check if it matches the criteria you put in this field. In our case we should add "photoshop" in here.

Be careful in what you enter here, for example, using "photo" would also trigger other applications that have photo in there path name. If the criteria activates multiple pages, only one is used. There is no guarantee which one that will be and it can be different each start up of Touch Portal

Touch Portal logs every application change in the logs, so if you need the full path of an activated process, be sure to check the logs.

Go to this page by default

When this setting is selected, this page will be activated on the mobile device everytime a different application is being activated on your Windows desktop but which does not match any of the pages you have set up the "When process filename contains" option.

Block auto navigate when on this page

Select this option if you want to block auto navigation when you are on this page on your mobile device. No matter what criteria is being met, no matter if you have set up a default page to go to, this will block all of that and basically disable the auto navigation system when you are on this page.

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