Send a Tweet randomized from a collection

Touch Portal Snippets

So you want to automize sending out tweets when you start something but you do not want them to be the same each time? Use Touch Portal to send random tweets from a collection.

Step 1: Create a Value to hold the random value

This is the value that will hold the random value everytime you want to send out a Tweet.

Step 2: The actions

We will send out a random Tweet when we press a button using:

The first action will generate a random number from 1 to 3, including both 1 and 3. The next steps will check that value and send a different Tweet according to that Value.

End Result

Every time you press this button, it will generate a new random number and stores it in the Value. Then it just checks which number and you can do a variation on the Tweet. Of course you can use this principle to do randomly whatever you need!

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