Using Twitch slash command

Using Twitch with Touch Portal

Please Note! Due to changes of the Twitch API, it is no longer possible to do slash commands through the chat API (IRC). Use the dedicated Twitch actions in Touch Portal instead.
Using Touch Portal you can send slash commands to your Twitch chat. This guide will show you how.

Slash Commands

Twitch has a great collection of slash commands that you as a user can use to have more functionality in Twitch through your chat. Just keep in mind that you need to be the broadcaster or a channels mod to be able to use the slash commands.

In this guide we will present you with a few examples of slash command but Twitch offers a lot more of them. Check out the full list of Twitch slash commands at the end of this guide.

Slash commands in your own Channel

To use slash commands for your own channel you can just simply use the Send Chat Message action to send the slash command. A few examples:


This will send the message "This is just a test announce message" as an announcement to your channel chat.


In this example Touch Portal will send the slash command to monitor a user when that user used a trigger in the chat to start monitoring him. If that user writes !monitorme in the chat, this event will trigger and the send chat message action will write the monitor slash command with the given user.


This example shows how we can listen for specific words, in this case a swear word and then instantly give that user a time out of 30 seconds and send a message to the chat telling the user not to use those words.

Slash commands when you Moderate

The same principle goes if you are a moderator on a channel not your own, but instead of using the normal send-chat action you need to use the Send Chat Message to Channel action which allows any moderator to send messages to a channel the moderator moderates.


You can use almost every slash command that Twitch offers through Touch Portal to enchance your streaming even more. For a list of all available Twitch slash commands checkout this link: list of slash commands

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