Start using Lightroom Classic with Touch Portal

The Touch Portal Lightroom Guides

This guide will be the first in teaching you how to use Lightroom with Touch Portal. This first guide is about how to connect to Lightroom to be able to use the Lightroom actions and Sliders.

Updating the Lightroom plugin

The first you need to do if you have not already is to update the Lightroom plugin. You should have gotten an update notification in Touch Portal to update it. If you have not updated, please do so. If you did not get the notification here is a direct link to download the latest Lightroom plugin version

Loading the Lightroom Touch Portal plugin

Start Lightroom and open the Plug-in Manager option (File -> Plug-in Manager...).

The click on the 'Add' button which will show you an file chooser.

Now navigate on Windows to '%appdata%/TouchPortal/misc/lightroom' or 'Documents/TouchPortal/misc/lightroom' on MacOS. There you will see a folder called 'tp_lightroom.lrplugin'. Select this folder as this is the plugin. If you have manually downloaded the file an unzipped it, this 'tp_lightroom.lrplugin' folder should be on the location where you have unzipped that file.

The plugin is now installed and running.

Connecting with Lightroom in Touch Portal

With the Lightroom onboarding Wizard

When you first try to use a Lightroom action or connector you will be prompted with a wizard to connect. Before you do, finish the above steps. When they are done continue here.

Press on 'Next' to connect to Lightroom. If everything is well you will be prompted with the message the you are now connected with Lightroom. If it fails you will get more information. In that case you need to do the first steps and ensure that the plugin is still running in Lightroom.

With the Touch Portal Settings

If you do not want to use the wizard or the wizard does not work, you can do a manual connect to Lightroom in the Touch Portal settings. Just turn the switch on and it is enabled.

End Result

You have connected Lightroom with Touch Portal to use the Lightroom integration.

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