Start using Photoshop with Touch Portal

The Touch Portal Photoshop Guides

This guide will be the first in teaching you how to use Photoshop with Touch Portal. This first guide is about how to connect to Photoshop to be able to use the Photoshop actions and Sliders.

Enabling external connections in Photoshop

Start Photoshop and open the External Connections option (Edit -> External Connections...).

This will open the following screen:

On this screen you can enable Photoshop to listen to external connections. Touch Portal uses this connection to send commands to Photoshop. So be sure to enable it and use a good password so that you are the only one able to connect to Photoshop.

If you are connecting to Photoshop on a remote computer instead of the computer Touch Portal is running on, be sure to write down the ip address shown in your external connections screen. If you are connecting to Photoshop on the same computer you can ignore this.

In any case, press OK to save the information and Photoshop has now opened external connections and will listen for incoming communication.

Set up Touch Portal

Start Touch Portal and go to the settings screen:

Select the Photoshop section:

If you are using Photoshop you can leave the ip as it is, means it will connect to the Photoshop instance running on the same computer. If you want to control a remote desktop running Photoshop then you need to put the ip you wrote down from the Photoshop External connections screen in this field.

The password field needs to have the same password as you entered in the external connections screen.

Now press the Save button and Touch Portal will connect.

End Result

You have connected Photoshop with Touch Portal to use the Photoshop integration.

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