Show Twitch Viewer, Followers and Subscribers count on a button

Using Twitch with Touch Portal

This guide will show you how to have the current viewers, followers and subscribers count on your button.

Step 01: Create a button

We start by creating a button and add the title "Twitch Info". We need to have a title for the mobile device to pick up the button. This title will be overwritten by the actuals counts of viewers, followers and subscribers.

Step 02: Add a Dynamic Text Updater event

To update the button text without interaction we need to use the event called "Dynamic Text Updater".

Step 03: The Dynamic Text Updater

This event will change the text of the button every couple of hundreds of milliseconds with the text specified in the text field. This not make much sense when using static text but it can be really handy when using Touch Portal States. In our case we want to add the states Touch Portal tracks for Twitch to our button.

First write down "Viewers: " and then press the plus button next to the text field.

Step 04: Add the Twitch Viewers count state

You will now see a large list of all sorts of variables you can use to enrich your text. Scroll through the list of states and select the Twitch Viewers Count.

Step 05: Now add Followers and Subscribers

To make the button complete, do the same thing for both the Followers and the Subscribers. Put them each on a new line and this should be your end result:

End Result

Refresh your page on your mobile and from that moment it will show the amount of Viewers, Followers and Subscribers.

Please note that the Twitch API for these values does not update very often so it may take a few seconds before you see a new viewer in those numbers. Touch Portal has no control over this unfortunately.

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