Create smart scene switch buttons

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This guide will show you scene switch buttons that change the scene but also show you whether or not it is the current activated scene in OBS. Lets dive in!

Listening to the Scene Change event

The integration with OBS allows Touch Portal to listen to events. In this step will will listen to the event that tells us when the active scene in OBS has been changed.

From the actions category list select the On Scene Selected event and add them like the image above. These will be added in the On-Event tab. These two events will trigger everytime in OBS the active scene changes. If it changes to the "Example Scene" it will color the button background red, if it changes to a different scene it will color the button background blue.

Try it out in OBS, just change the active scenes and see the button on your device updating the background color as described above. This button does not yet change the scene when pressed, we will cover that in the next step.

Changing the Scene by pressing the button

Go to the On-Press tab and add the Set Scene action. Select the scene you want this button to set as the active scene. In our example we set it to "Example Scene".

Now when you press this button, it will set the active scene to "Example Scene" and because we added the events that listen to the change of the active scene the button will also be updated in color in response.

Multiple buttons

If you add these buttons to your page for all (or a selection of) your scenes you will now be able to change the scene and also see right away which scene is activated as that button will have a red background and all others will have a blue background.

End Result

You will now have a button that allows you to set an active scene in OBS and also updates whether it is the active scene. This happens no matter what triggers the scene change (from Touch Portal or from OBS or even other software that controls OBS.)

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