The Multiple Devices Upgrade explained

How to effeciently control multiple devices with Touch Portal

This guide will show you everything you can do with the Multiple Devices Upgrade. The Multiple Devices Upgrade allows you to connect multiple devices to one Touch Portal desktop instance and use the devices independently.

1. Multiple Devices?

The base free version of Touch Portal allows you to connect one device to one desktop instance of Touch Portal. This upgrade however allows you to connect additional devices to that same desktop instance. This allows you to use multiple devices, each having their own Page active, that you can control independently.

Control your desktop with multiple devices at the same time

2. How to enable it?

On your mobile device you can buy the Multiple Devices upgrade. On Android, press on the cart icon to get to the section with all the Uprades, on iOS press on the 'settings' option and then press on the 'Upgrades' item in the list. Once you are in the Upgrades list, scroll down to the Multiple Devices Upgrade and go through the buy process just as with the other Upgrades.

As it is with all Upgrades, they are connected to the account of the store you buy it with. So if you buy it with Google account B, it will only be available on your devices that have that Google account B as the active account. This also means that an Upgrade that is bought on Android can not be used on an iOS device and vice versa. This is especially important to understand with this Upgrade. As long as you connect devices that run the same store account you only need one license and can connect many devices that are running the same store account. It will not allow you to connect devices that run different accounts (or platforms) without the license. However, if you connect an iOS device that has the license enabled and an Android device that also has the license enabled (this means two separate licenses), both will be connected to the single desktop instance. So as long as a connecting device's store account has the license it can connect as a secondary device.

Each Touch Portal installation on the mobile device is set up as a primary connecting device at default. To change the nature of the Touch Portal device you have to go into the settings and change the multiple devices connection type from primary to secondary.

3. Primary vs Secondary devices

Touch Portal allows you to connect many devices with this upgrade but only one device can be the primary device.

An example of the connection panel in Touch Portal showing one primary connected device and a secondary device.

The seconday devices have the same functionality as the primary device with the following exceptions:

4. Device ID's

Each device has an ID within the Multiple Devices system and can be changed these on the device itself in the settings. These ID's can be used within your Touch Portal setup. You can for example set default Pages based on the ID, or check what device pressed the button, and even send Page directly to a specific device. More on this in the next tutorial.

5. Performance, how many devices?

Touch Portal does not put a limit on how many devices you can connect however limitations by your setup still apply. Normal network limitations and OS limitation will apply.

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