Creating and navigating pages

Getting started with Touch Portal

This overview will show you how to manage your pages and how to navigate to different pages.

Step 01: Creating a new page

We start with our previous page. As you can see we have a space free to add a new button.

Lets start with creating a new Page. You already know how to do this using the knowledge of the understanding the Pages section guide. Name the Page "Page 2" and just place it in the root and save it

You will now see your newly create page in the main screen. The page will have an already existing button that will navigate back to the (main) Page if you have selected this option during installation. We assume for this guide that you have not done so, so we will have to create it ourselves in the next step.

Step 02: Adding a button for navigating

Now click the first empty space on the page to open the button detail screen. Create the same visuals for the button as we did and add the "Go to Page" action from the navigation category.

Select the (main) page in the "Go to Page" action. We have now added an action to the "On Press" event of a button. This means that whenever this button is pressed the action will be triggered. Which will navigate us back to the (main) Page. So whenever we are on this Page, we can navigate back to the (main) Page.

Please note that the desktop application is mainly for editting your set-up. Changing your Page here will NOT change the page on your mobile. Only these actions we just made will change the Page on your mobile (and auto navigation settings for a page of course). Changes made on a page when it is the active page on your mobile will update the visual changes.

Step 03: Navigating to our newly created page

Now we can go back from "Page 2" to our "(main)" Page but we still cannot go to "Page 2" because we also need a button to navigate on the "(main)" Page.

If you want to quickly navigate within your desktop environment to a Page from a button which points to a Page (the button needs to have a navigation action set) you can Ctrl + Shift + Left click on the button which will navigate the desktop environment to that page.

So we are going to use the last free space on the "(main)" Page to create a navigation button just like we did on "Page 2" but now we will point it to "Page 2".

End Result

If you press the newly created buttons on your pages on your mobile, you should be able to navigate between your two pages.

Please note that the free base version of Touch Portal allows navigation between 2 Pages. You can create more on the desktop application but only two ((main) and one additional Page) will be usable on your mobile. Get the Pro upgrade to allow for an unlimited amount of pages.

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