Create a twitch clip and share the url Button

Touch Portal Snippets

A button that can share an url to your created clip from twitch, just with one press of a button. You can even share it on Twitter as well.

Step 01 - Create a twitch clip

We start of by adding an action that will create a clip in Twitch. When you press the button now it will create a clip which is really nice and handy but then what?

In the past you could send a tweet or a Twitch message telling everybody to look up the clip or something but that was not ideal. We will remedy that, on to the next step!

Step 02 - Adding the Twitch message

With version 2.1 we have added dynamic variables that you can use in text fields. These are values that can enrich your text by replacing the value with the actual value when the action is used. When you add the time variable for example it will replace that code with the actual time whenever you use the action.

When you have added the Twitch Send Chat message action you will see a "+" icon on the right of the field. When you click on this it will open the dynamic text variables list. You should now select the option "Twitch url of last created clip" and it will add a code for this in your text field.

Step 03 - The final button

The text will have a piece of code in it. This will be replaced when the action is used. Do not change this code otherwise it will no longer work. So now we have button that creates a clip and then right after that it will share the link of that clip through the Twitch chat action. Users can click on the link in the chat and see your clip directly.

End Result