Start using Philips Hue with Touch Portal

The Touch Portal Philips Hue Guides

This guide will be the first in showing you how you can use Philips Hue with Touch Portal. To allow Touch Portal to send commands to your Philips Hue setup you need to connect your Hue Bridges.

Step 1 - Adding Bridges to Touch Portal

The first thing we need to do is adding your Philips Hue bridges. The bridges are the controllers of all your lamps, rooms and zones. Touch Portal needs this connection to be able to execute the Hue actions.

Go to the settings of Touch Portal and when you are in the settings click on the Philips Hue section.

Click on the button 'Add Hue Bridge' and this will start a search for all bridges on your network. When Touch Portal has found the Hue Bridges it will show a popup with a dropdown list box with all ips of the bridges.

Select the bridge you want to connect and press on 'OK'. Touch Portal will now send a connect request to the specified Philips Hue Brdige. If all goes well Touch Portal will receive a reply and it will show the message to press the big button on your bridge.

To finalize the connection, press the big button on your Philips Hue bridge and then Touch Portal will finalize the communication and it will retrieve all lights, rooms and zones.

Step 2 - Turn on a light

In this second step we will add an action that will turn on and off a light. We will keep it simple. We will start with a simple button toggle flow of actions.

The only thing we need to do is add the Philips Hue actions. Go to the actions list and search for the Hue actions and add the 'Turn On / Off' action twice.

Now add it two times and place them in the correct position to actually turn on and off the lights when using the button.

With the Philips Hue actions you always start by specifying the Bridge you want to use. The second option for this action is to choose what kind of source you want to manage. In our case we choose to toggle a light but you can also choose to toggle a whole room or zone on and off. The third option is the actual light, room or zone you want to toggle. The last option is the actual state you want the light to be.

End Result

You have connected Philips Hue with Touch Portal and you have made a toggle button for switching a specific ligth on and off.

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