Create your own icon packs for Touch Portal

In version 1.10 of Touch Portal we have improved our icon pack system. You can now create custom icon packs and share them with others.

Step One: Create your icons

The first step of a nice icon pack is the creation of nice icons. Icons in our pack should be created with the following settings in mind:

Step Two: Adding your Info

The second step is adding your information so that people know who made the icon pack and where they can reach you. In the same folder as your icons, add a textfile called "info.txt". This file will hold all the meta data of the icon pack. Just add the bold parts below to add the settings:

Step Three: Creating the actual pack

The last step is easy, just pack all the icons and the info.txt in a zip file. Do not put it in folder or something because that will not work. Just files in the zip file.

Now simply rename the extention of your to iconpack.tpi and share this file with other users so that they can import the pack.

Please note that the zip file should only contain the text file and the image files. Any other files will break the importing process and your iconpack cannot be used. MacOS for example has the tendency to add a hidden folder to folders when images are present. If this is added in the zip as well, it will not work.