Show your Scene on a button

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This guide will show you how to add a realtime preview of a selected scene from OBS on your button.

Scene output to Icon event

For this we need the Scene output to Icon event event. This is a special type of event within Touch Portal and will request a small image of the selected scene and send it to your mobile device to show on that button.

The event has three options:

  1. Scene selector, you can select a specific scene or can you can select the current active live scene or the current preview scene.
  2. Speed selector, you can specify here how many times per interval you want the image to be updated. Please note that this is a heavy functionality. The update message containing the image are large and will have an impact on all other send messages as well. We advise you to use a maximum of 1 frames per second to keep the Touch Portal experience a smooth one.
  3. Quality selector, High will mean a larger image with more detail but the downside is that this generates more data and thus longer messages send to your mobile device. This could have a negative effect on the frames per second and on the performance of other buttons and events.

Add the event to your button and specify the settings you want. Press refresh on your device and you will see the button showing the scene on your Touch Portal button.

Although this action specifically is for Scenes, you can also do this for sources in OBS. You just need to create a scene that only holds that source and then link to that scene.

End Result

You will now have a button that shows the realtime image of the selected scene.

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