The Plugin File (.tpp)

The Plugin File (.tpp) is the installation file that can be imported in Touch Portal. Importing this file will install the plug-in in Touch Portal.

The file structure

The plug-in file is a zip file containing a folder with three types of files. When you have zipped your files be sure to rename the extension of the plug-in zipped file to .tpp as otherwise Touch Portal will not recognize the file and users will not be able to select it to import it into Touch Portal.

The root folder

The root of the zip file is a folder. This folder needs to be without spaces and will be used in Touch Portal to store the plug-in in the data folder. Without the root folder the plug-in is not valid and will not install properly.

The file contents

Description File

The description file is a file called "" which is in the JSON format and which described the full plug-in and everything it should add to Touch Portal. This file needs to be in the root of the plugin file. More details can be found in the section Description File.

Icon File

The icon file(s) (which are referenced in the description file per category) will be used in the actions selector as the icon for the category in those lists. If your plugin does not have an icon, a default will be used in Touch Portal. More information about icon files can be found in the section Categories.

Application Files

These are the files required to communicate with Touch Portal and to execute the actions provided by the Description File. Usually these files will be part of the plugin application that is started by Touch Portal when Touch Portal is started. For static plugins these can be the executables that are executed by the actions for example.


If you need to install additional software for your plug-in to function properly you need to create a proper installer for your plug-in. Touch Portal does not provide a way to install additional software.

Plugin File (.tpp) Contents Example

Example Plug-in file contents