Update Specific List

API 1.0

You can update specific lists in Touch Portal. This is different from state lists as these will update the dropdown list associated. Still this is very handy when you want to fill in a list for the user based on changes in your plug-in.

Sending a piece of data (a message) to Touch Portal should always end with a newline character. This will indicate Touch Portal that it is the whole message.

Please note, This functionality only works for inline actions. Actions with a popup window do not support this functionality.


In this case, Touch Portal will show a different list for choice data with the given id.

Key Type Req. API Description
type Text yes 1.0 The type of message. Currently the only option is "choiceUpdate". This will let Touch Portal know that we are about to change a choice list.
id Text yes 1.0 The state id to set/update
value Collection Yes 1.0 The collection of texts that should be the new list to display for this given choice list id.
instanceId Text No 1.0 This is the id of the instance that should be updated by this call.