Update Action Data

API 3.0

You can change the characteristich of certain action data using this message.

Sending a piece of data (a message) to Touch Portal should always end with a newline character. This will indicate Touch Portal that it is the whole message.


At this moment you can only change the minValue and the maxValue attributes of action data.

Key Type Req. API Description
type Text yes 3.0 The type of message. Currently the only option is "updateActionData". This will let Touch Portal know that we are about to change action data.
instanceId Text No 3.0 This is the id of the instance that should be updated by this call.
data Object Yes 3.0 The object containing all new data for the action data object
data.minValue Number Yes 3.0 The new minimal value for the action data
data.maxValue Number Yes 3.0 The new maximum value for the action data
data.id Text Yes 3.0 The id of the action data to be altered
data.type Text Yes 3.0 We only support this for the type "number" at this moment.