Update Connector Data

API 4.0

Connectors within Touch Portal can be bi-directional. This means that your plug-in will receive updates when the user uses a slider that has your connector connected but it also means that your plug-in is able to update the connector value within Touch Portal which will update the slider position as well.

You can update connectors as a whole. This means that every control that has the connector will show the change, you cannot single out a specific control. This is because the nature of connectors is that they always represent the current state if used bi-directional.

When sending the value to Touch Portal, please be advised that Touch Portal will throttle the communication by sending an update of the value to the mobile device each 100ms. This 100ms is an indication and can be slower on different set ups and network quality. The minimum however is 100ms.

While the minimum supported update speed is 100ms we strongly suggest to only send that when necessary. Touch Portal actively checks for when a plug-in sends too much redundant connector states. Only send this data when the value actually changes.

To update the connector data use the following structure:

  "connectorId":"id of the connector",
  "value":integer number between 0-100,
Attribute Type Mandatory From version Description
type Text yes 4.0 The type of message. "connectorUpdate" is the type to update a connector state.
connectorId Text yes 4.0 The id of the connector. This has the following syntax for connectors:


Then for each data object it will include a pipe plus the combination of the id and the value of the data object.
Example: |dataId=uservalue

This will result in a long id for this particular connector, for example:

Touch Portal will not allow id's longer than 200 characters so keep this as small as possible
Optional 5.0 From version 5.0 you can use the shortId instead of the connectorId for communication. Therefore this is no longer a mandatory field from this version.
shortId Text yes 5.0 This is a small by Touch Portal generated representation of the connectorId. Please understand that this is just a mapping from the short id to the full connectorId and has not dynamic function.
value Number yes 4.0 A value from 0-100. All other values will be ignored.

Error Codes

Code Error
E3081 This error means that this update call is made too many times with no changing value. This call should only be done when the value actually changes. This is a user facing error.