Update States

API 1.0

You can send state updates to Touch Portal. More information about states and how to set them up in the description file can be found in the states section. You can only change the states from your own plug-in. Changing states of Touch Portal itself may result in undesired behaviour.

Sending a piece of data (a message) to Touch Portal should always end with a newline character. This will indicate Touch Portal that it is the whole message.

  "value":"Playing Music"

In this case, Touch Portal will change the state with id "musicState" to "Playing Music". You can specify states and events (which will be triggered by state) to work with states. Read more on this in the section on the left menu.

Key Type Req. API Description
type Text yes 1.0 The "stateUpdate" corresponts to a message type to update a state within Touch Portal.
id Text yes 1.0 The state id to set/update
value Text Yes 1.0 The value of the state. Ensure this is a text and nothing else. Touch Portal will handle this value as a piece of text (string)