Control Twitch with your phone or tablet using Touch Portal

Control your Twitch
Create clips, Send Chat messages to your viewers, change the chat settings, play Advertisements, set Stream markers and use other Twitch actions straight from your mobile device using Touch Portal.
React on Twitch events
Automatically react on Twitch chat messages, channel point redemptions, new subscribers, receiving bits, when you are being hosted or raid, on new followers and more. Make your Streams dynamic and interactive and let your users participate!
Use with streaming broadcast Software
Use Touch Portal to control your Twitch but also to control one of the streaming broadcast application services like OBS, Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit, vMix and others. Control your full setup from your mobile device using Touch Portal.
Use other software as well
Use Spotify to control your stream music, Twitter to send out a Tweet about going live, Discord to let your viewers know what you are doing, with a direct integration with Philips Hue and support for several other streaming tools and lighting systems to enrich your stream and control everything with Touch Portal.

Get Started

Follow these steps to get started!

  1. 1.

    Install and launch Touch Portal Desktop

    Follow the installation wizard. Ensure you allow Touch Portal through your firewall. When you are on the main screen, go to step 2.

  2. 2.

    Install and launch Touch Portal for iOS or Android

    Follow the installation wizard. Ensure you allow Touch Portal through your firewall. When you have connected to Touch Portal press the refresh button to see the default buttons.

  3. 3.

    Download & Import community created Pages

    In the sections below you can find several Pages for Twitch that you can import and use right away. Please note that some Pages require the Pro upgrade.

  4. 4.

    Having trouble?

    Join us on our discord for help. On discord we and our community are present to help you out. Just ask your question in the appropriate support channel and someone will help you soon enough.

Touch Portals Pro Upgrade

Touch Portal offers a free base version which you can enhance with paid upgrades. You can use the free version which gives you two pages and 8 buttons per page. When you buy the Pro upgrade you will have access to an unlimited amount of pages, up to 110 buttons per page (which allow you to create your full interface for Twitch on one page), a lot of customizability options and a lot more. Check the overview below for more details.

Feature Free Base version Pro Upgrade
one-time purchase
Twitch Integration
Available actionsAll *2All
Amount of pages2Unlimited
Buttons per pages8 (4x2)max 110
Button events (bound to active Page only)
Global events (always active)
Animated GIF icons
Custom background color
Custom background image
Remote Control OBS
Usage of Custom states (Values)
Use of plug-ins

*1 This is a one-time purchase. No monthly costs. This is a price indication. Prices and taxes may vary per country. Your mobile device will indicate the correct price during the purchase process.
*2 A few actions are excluded as those can remove the other limitations of the free base version.

Community created Twitch Pages

Our users have made Pages for Twitch which you can download and import into Touch Portal to have a full setup right away. Even if they do not fit your wishes fully you can still use these as the base of your own customized setup. Most pages exceed the 4x2 size and thus require the Pro Upgrade to use.

Twitch Pro (Android)
by Touch Portal
Control your Twitch like a Pro, see your chats, events, visitors, chatters, followers and subscribers on your mobile device. Set markers, create clips, chat options and play ads with buttons.

Note: this page is optimized for Android and the chat box does not properly work on iOS, download the iOS version if you need that.
5 x 5grid
Twitch Free
by Touch Portal
This Twitch Page for the Free base version of Touch Portal allows you to control Twitch. See your chat, control your chat, see your viewers, followers and subscribers, start ads and create clips.
4 x 2grid
Streamers True Blue Dark
by Touch Portal
This OBS and Twitch combination Page lets you control your Streaming activity and chat, control your audio controls, scene controls, preview your scene, show your stats and show your chat real-time!

(Optimized for Windows and Android Tablet combination)

Please note: that you need to re-connect your OBS Scenes to your own scenes and your Audio controls to your own windows audio sources
9 x 12grid
Streamer Japanese Indigo
by Touch Portal
This OBS and Twitch Streaming Page lets you view and control your chat, scenes, live output, audio and your streaming stats. This page also includes a nice events log to see what has happened!

(Optimized for Windows and Android Tablet combination)

Please note: that you need to re-connect your OBS Scenes to your own scenes and your Audio controls to your own windows audio sources
10 x 11grid

Guides using Touch Portal with Twitch

Below you can find guides on how to use Twitch with Touch Portal to get the most out of using Touch Portal.

  1. 1.

    Start using Twitch with Touch Portal

    Learn how to connect Twitch with Touch Portal and start controlling your Twitch with your mobile device and automate everything to make your stream rich and interactive.

  1. 2.

    How to use slash commands for Twitch using Touch Portal

    Learn how to use slash commands for Twitch using Touch Portal like timeout, bans, vip and a lot more!

  1. 3.

    Create a Twitch clip and share it with your viewers

    Learn how to create Twitch clip and share that clip with your audience with one button click!

  1. 4.

    Using the Channel Points redeem event in Touch Portal

    Learn how to react on your viewers Channel Point redemptions with Touch Portal

  1. 5.

    Show Twitch Viewer, Follower and Sub count in Touch Portal

    Learn how to show the Viewers, Follower and Subscribers count in Touch Portal on a button

  1. 6.

    Parsing !command chat messages from Twitch in Touch Portal

    This guide will show you how to parse a Twitch !command and how you can retrieve the useful components and use them in Touch Portal.

Need Help?

Touch Portal is a powerfull tool capable of controlling your whole setup giving you a lot of power but sometimes it can be hard to find everything you can do with Touch Portal or sometimes you encounter issues with setting it up properly or using it. Check out our resources for when you need just a bit of help!


Walk through our guides to learn everything there is to know about Touch Portal!


Experiencing issues or difficulties or do you just want some information? Check out our FAQs which will answer most of your questions!

Support @ Discord

Get support on our discord! We and our community can help you with issues, setups or tips!


Discover everything that Touch Portal has to offer for all your desktop games and applications. Automate your life and increase your productivity greatly!

Other Software Integration

Touch Portal can control a lot of applications out of the box such as OBS, Twitch, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit and much more!

Get Plug-ins

Extend your Touch Portal even more with plug-ins such as Discord, Spotify, Ecamm Live, Trovo, VoiceMeeter, Music Bee, Soundpad and much more!

Get Icon-Packs

We have a large collection of icon packs made both by us and community members! Check them out!

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