Each Smart Touch Button can be build up with several actions such as ‘start an application’ or ‘do a key press combination’. The beauty of this system is that you can combine these actions to do several complex tasks with one touch of a button.


You have several options to customize your Smart Touch Button visuals. You can make the icons full screen, change the background to a specific color or just leave it transparent. You can add text or not. Customize it just as you like it!


With Touch Portal you have pages that consist of Smart Touch Buttons to use with your application. You can create as many pages as you like to use with your applications. Our smart system enables you to link an unlimited amount of pages together to have the right combination of functionality for each application. No need to hold back!


You can setup your Touch Portal app to use a grid that fits the size of your mobile or tablet perfectly. If you like big buttons, use the 5 x 3 grid. If you need many buttons on a page, use the 8 x 6 grid. Just select the grid size that fits your device and your needs and start creating AWESOMENESS!


Just created a perfect page for your favourite application? No time to create a page for your favourite application? Just use our import and export system and share your pages with friends and colleagues!


We have developed our software for the end user. We have interviewed and studied users in several fields to be able to create the best experience for our end users. We welcome all feedback and feature requests!


Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. With Touch Portal, you can switch scenes, hide/unhide sources, control your audio, start/stop your streams and recording.


Streamlabs OBS is a free to download & reliable open broadcasting software for live streaming. You can use Touch Portal for scenes switching, hide/unhide sources, control your audio, start/stop your streams and recording.


XSplit allows users to live stream and broadcast directly to internet streaming platforms such as Twitch, Dailymotion, Ustream and YouTube Live, or make recordings for easy uploading and sharing online. Touch Portal will give you control over your scenes, hide/unhide sources, control your audio, start/stop your streams and recording.



Windows 10 - 64 bits


Mac Os

Mac Os X and higher



Android 4.1 and higher

Get at Play Store


iOS 9.3 and higher

Get at App Store

No Ads
Unlimited actions
Import/export of pages
Windows and MacOS support
Portrait and Landscape orientation
2 Pages
4x2 button layout
$8.99* * the price may vary per country/state.
No Ads
Unlimited actions
Import/export of pages
Windows and MacOS support
Portrait and Landscape orientation
Unlimited Pages
Custom button layout per page
Change background colors

You can buy the full version in
the app in the menu.
Download, install and start the desktop app for Windows or Mac
Download, install and start the mobile app for Android or iOS
Connect the mobile app to the desktop app using the ip address and port.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please check the frequently asked questions below. Also check our tutorial videos on YouTube.


Is Touch Portal free for use?

Yes it’s free for use, but you are limited to a grid of 4×2 (2×4) and you can create only one extra page extra to extend your buttons. The pro version has no limitations. Also, when you buy the full version you support us big time! That way we can keep on creating nice and useful features for you!

What do I get in the full version?

  • You unlock all available grids. This will allow you to put more buttons on one page. This is also very handy when using a tablet as your Touch Portal.
  • You also unlock unlimited pages. This will allow you to make pages for all your apps and situations. You can also make multiple pages for one application. You can basically create whatever you want and need.

What grid sizes are available?

We currently only support 4×2 in the free version. The full version has all grids you like with a max of 13 buttons up and down and with a maximum total of 110 buttons. This way you can tailor your grid to your device in the way you want!

I want each page to have a different grid size, is this possible?

Yes! just set a different size for your pages in the page settings of a page.

I cannot find the app in the Google playstore or Apple’s Appstore!

At this moment we do not publish our apps to all countries in the world. We try to add new countries to which we release but this is not always possible. If it is not available in your country, keep checking weekly as we try to add as much countries as possible.

I have a bug! Please help!

You can always contact us with issues and problems. We will look at it as soon as we can. Please provide us with what you expected to happen, what actually happened, what you do to reproduce the issue, the version of both the desktop app as well as the mobile app and of course the platforms running the apps. You can send us feedback through our support form.

I need a functionality but it is not available, can we request any new features?

Yes! We really appreciate your input as a user. Just email us with the required features and we will check if we can add them in the future. If so, we will add it to our backlog. Not everything is technically possible unfortunately so we apologize if we cannot add all the features send to us.

I have requested a new functionality but it is not yet available, please hurry up!

We do our best to accommodate every request but we can only do so much within a day. We do look at the amount of requests of certain features to reorder our backlog.

The vibration functionality does not work on my phone/tablet.

Unfortunately not every phone or tablet has a vibration functionality built in to the device.

Where can I find icons to use in the App?

We have now added an icon pack for you guys to use. If you cannot find what you need in the icon pack, there are several websites that provide free to use icons, like iconfinder, deviantart and so on. You can find them in Google search.


The mobile Touch Portal app cannot connect to the Desktop App.

  • You have to make sure your devices are on the same network and are connected.
  • Check whether the IP address and the port are set correctly.
  • Check if your firewall on your pc or mac is not blocking Java Runtime or the port number (default 8888).
  • Exit the software on both the mobile device and the windows or Mac software. Please ensure that you close the app and remove it from the recent apps list on your mobile app. Then restart the windows or mac software first and the mobile app second.
  • If this all does not work, try reinstalling the mobile app and the pc or Mac software.
  • And if this all won’t work and you are about to scream and throw your device out of the window, please contact us via our Contact form.

Where do I find the ip address and the port?

The desktop app shows you the ip address and the port in the lower left corner of the app. The ip address has the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and the port has the format xxxx. You can change the port in the desktop app if you want to use a different port for communication with the mobile app.

Connection issues

If your mobile device tries to connect with the Touch Portal Desktop app and it fails or keeps on refreshing try the following:
Try to allow Java in your firewall
Go To Start >> Allow an app through Windows Firewall
Press Change settings.
Allow all Java related in your firewall
Java update
Please update Java by going to >> configure Java >> update
Wrong IP
Check the ip address of your phone/tablet, it MUST be on the same network.
If the ip address of your pc is like:
then the ip address of your phone/tablet should be like:

You can try to ping your phone/tablet from your pc by doing:
start >> cmd >> ping (phone/tablet ip)
If the ping is timed out then you are having problems on your network/wifi.


Doing multiple OBS actions on one button not working?

With OBS you use the websockets plugin to be able to use Touch Portal. The problem is that the plugin is slower then Touch Portal. This results in Touch Portal firing the events too fast and the plugin is not able to handle that so you do not see the proper actions being called. To fix this you should add a Timer Action in between the OBS functions. Make it somewhere between 100ms and 500ms and then the websockets plugin should have enough time to handle all incoming requests from Touch Portal.


XSplit scenes and sources not showing in Touch Portal?

  • Install the latest XSplit JS Framework
  • Download the latest xjs.js from https://xjsframework.github.io/
  • Replace the c:\Program Files (x86)\Touch Portal\plugins\xsplit\xjs.js with the downloaded one
  • Go to >> Extensions >> TouchPortal and click on “Connect to Touch Portal” and leave the window open (you can minimize this window)
  • You should be connected with XSplit from Touch Portal now and everything should work fine.

Get started with Xsplit

  • Start XSplit
  • Go to >> Extensions >> Add Extensions >> Browse
  • You can find the Plug-in in the Program Files Touch Portal plugins directory: c:\Program Files (x86)\Touch Portal\plugins\xsplit\TouchPortal.html
  • Go to >> Extensions >> TouchPortal and click on “Connect to Touch Portal” and leave the window open (you can minimize this window)
  • You should be connected with XSplit from Touch Portal now