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Submit assets

Nice that you are sharing your assets with the community. You can send it with all the required information to us and we will check if everything follows our guidelines:

Guidelines submitting assets

  1. You need to have the rights to share all the assets you provide through this link.
  2. We can host the assets or you can provide a link to your asset file
  3. If you provide us a link to the website where you host the asset, the asset needs to be accesible without having to register on your website.
  4. We do not allow any assets that contain nudity, racism or any profanity
  5. Plug-ins will be checked with anti-virus software, if it triggers, we will not add it to our database.
  6. If we feel for any other reason the asset does not fit the Touch Portal community, we will not list your asset.
  7. At any point we can decide to not show the asset on the website without any reason.

Please add the details for you submission below:

Asset information

  • Please specify what type of asset you want to share.

  • Please select all platforms this plug-in is compatible with.

  • Please select all required Upgrade this Page uses:.

  • Please specify the name of the asset. This name will be used in the listing of the asset as the main title. Please keep this a short as possible. Max 24 characters. The title will also be used by searching.

  • Please specify the description of the asset. This will be put in the listing below the image. The description is also used for searching. Please make the description in English. Max 200 characters.

  • Please provide the name of the author of the asset. You do not have to use a real name, a nickname or anything is possible as well. This is not mandatory, but if it is not present, no credits can be given in the listing.

  • If you want to have a link to your website as an author, please provide it here. This is not required.

  • Please provide a link to the location where users can get support for your asset. This is only mandatory for plug-ins. The requirement is that the endpoint is open to all users. This can be a support form, a website or ,if you have a channel on our discord, the discord channel name.

  • Please provide your e-mailaddress. We will not store this and this will only be used to get in contact with you if we feel the need only because of this submission. This field is not required but if we reject your asset we cannot contact you.

  • Please upload a non-transparent image of 720x420 in JPG or PNG format.

  • Banner Image (Optional)

    Please upload a non-transparent image of 800x200 in JPG or PNG format.

  • Please select whether you are hosting the assets files yourself or you want Touch Portal to host them on the website. If Touch Portal hosts them users can directly download the files from our website and no redirection will take place.

  • Please upload the asset file. You can only submit page files (.tpz), icon packs (.tpi) and plug-ins (.tpp).