New In Release Version 1.10

A new version! Version 1.10 is focussed more on eliminating the "help question" from our users. There are a lot of user settings such as firewalls and java versions which could block Touch Portal to run and so we needed to do something about it. Here is the list of all changes.

New Icon Pack system

From version 1.10 Touch Portal supports multiple icon packs. You can import icon packs with the import icon packs in the icon pack screen. you can now import icon packs into Touch Portal.

Icon creators can from now on create icon packs themselves. For more information check out our small blog about the icon pack system

HTTP Post and Get actions

In version 1.10 you can send GET and POST requests. We have added multiple optional settings for these requests so you should be able to do almost everything. Do you miss a setting? Let us know! We already tested this with our home automation system and with IFTTT and controlled our home with TP!

Fixing the Help Request?

On a daily base we get a few help requests from our users. Almost always this is related to a couple of things such as firewall settings, java versions and such. We really like to help our users but we felt that we could do more pro-actively for our users in this regard. So we worked on the most asked for help questions:

What else ?!


And of course we have fixed some bugs: