Understanding the main screen

Getting started with Touch Portal

When you have onboarded Touch Portal you will start in the main screen. This screen has a lot of information and elements and can be daunting for some users. Fear not, this guide will help you understand what is what.

Touch Portal's main screen

This is the main screen of Touch Portal.

This screen shows a lot of options and for first time users not everything is as clear as water so lets divide the main screen in section that will make you understand better what does what.

We have divided the main screen in 6 parts as you can see. Each part has its own responsibility and we will explain what they are:

  1. The Title bar shows our name and the version number on the left. For Beta and Alpha users it shows the build as well. On the right are all the menu options and the window actions.
  2. The Connection state bar has all the elements and indicators to handle the connection with your device. The first selector is to choose the correct network adapter. The other elements give you information about the connection.
  3. The Main section is where you will be setting up all the different Touch Portal elements such as Pages, Events, Flows and Values. This area will be your main work space.
  4. The main section settings fields shows you the settings you can set that are part of the main section loaded elements. For pages you can setup all the attributes of the page itself for example.
  5. The Main Menu shows all the options you can set up in Touch Portal and more. In the next guides we will explain more about the specific sections.

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