New In Release Version 2.0

A new version! Our version 2.0 is huge! We have taken it upon ourselves to improve Touch Portal by a lot in several area's. Check it out below!

All character support!

To all our German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Portugese friends and all other users who wanted to use other characters than the ABC, we are sorry we did not do this earlier on! But fear not, version 2.0 allows all characters! You can even use smileys. You need a ß ? You can use it! you need a þ ? All possible from now on!

New Visuals

So we changed the button preview screen a bit. We added a device frame on which the buttons are placed. This gives a better visual representation about what it looks like on a generic tablet or phone. But we went even further, you can also select to simulate your connected device. It will then try to mimic the correct aspect ratio of your device. Due to that your device is different in pixel density it cannot be a perfect fit but it comes really close.

From now on you can change the space between buttons per page. You can remove the spaces all together or use all sorts of different spacing. This way you can change it to your liking.

We also changed the way you can use text on your button. We added a few extra options for you:

We have also added an animation when you remove a button. Just because we can and we like it :-)

For each page you can now select the orientation. This is only used to give you a good example of how it would look like on that orientation. Also some measurement for the simulated connected device needs this information so set the page to the correct orientation on how you use it.

(Pro Upgrade Only) You can also add a background image to your page. In the settings screen you can go to the Info section to get the exact dimensions of the area where the buttons are rendered so that you can create a perfect background. Background images are stretched automatically when it is not a perfect match.

Onboarding for new users

We added an onboarding feature where we let our users choose their language, their prefered software package, such as OBS or Streamlabs OBS, and we let them choose some settings. Touch Portal will create pages with buttons for these packages so that the user can use Touch Portal right away.

Over the past months Touch Portal has gotten a lot bigger so for some new users Touch Portal may be a bit overwhelming so we decided to extend the onboarding with some additional explain steps when you first start the main screen.

Streamlabs OBS Events

In the last version we introduced several of nice OBS events and disappointed our Streamlabs OBS users because they also really wanted that functionality. So from version 2.0 you can enjoy nice new Streamlabs OBS additions:

New OBS features

Again in this new update we serve our OBS users. This time with some nice additions.

Performance boost!

We have rearranged the data and reformatted the data that is send between the device and the desktop. This results in a 60% speed gain in going to pages. This will let the app feel even more quick and without too much lag. We also needed this to allow for all the new features added this version.


On both Android and iOS you can now also turn on a screensaver. Just go to the settings and turn it on and specify the amount of seconds after which you want the screensaver become active.

Twitch Commercials

Since Twitch upgraded their functionality to also allow affiliates to run commercials during streaming it was time for us to also add that functionality to Touch Portal. So from now on you can use them, just keep in mind that Twitch only allows 1 commerical per 8+ minutes.

New Grid system

With version 2.0 we have updated our grid system. Instead of having a list of buttons place in a grid, we now actually have a grid data set. This comes with a few changes to its behaviour:

The new grid system also allows buttons to be bigger than just one grid cell. In the settings of the button you can now specify how many row cells and column cells big the button should be.

Additions to the Pro Upgrade!

To make the Pro Upgrade a bit more attractive, we have added additional features that are only accessible to users that bought the Pro Upgrade.

What else ?!


And of course we have fixed some bugs: