New In Release Version 1.9

We have added a lot of new features in release version 1.9 for windows and mac OS. Here is the list of all changes.

New OBS features

Version 1.9 holds a big update for OBS users. We added some missing and long awaited functionality to Touch Portal:

Secure Connection

In version 1.9 you can turn on secure connection to disallow anybody to connect with your desktop app. Only allowed devices can connect.

Growing buttons

In version 1.9 you can let the buttons grow to evenly fit the whole page. No more empty spaces between the buttons but a full filled page experience. Just be aware that the buttons will no longer be square.

Edit actions

In the past you had to delete an action and remade it with your wanted changes but with this version you can edit the actions. Just right-click on the action and choose the edit option.

Copy and paste actions

We have added events to buttons. From this moment buttons can act when an event happens.  Events such as start-streaming or new-follower. Just set the event in the events list and every action put below it will be triggered when the event happens. 

What else ?!


And of course we have fixed some bugs: