Settings structure

The following section will explain the structure of a plug-in setting.


As a plug-in developer you can add settings to your plug-in which can be set by the user in Touch Portals settings window.

Attribute Type Mandatory From version Description
name Text Yes 3.0 This is the name of the settings in the settings overview. This is also the identifier.
default Text Optional 3.0 This will be the default value for your setting.
type Text Yes 3.0 This will specify what type of settings you can use. Currently you can only use "text" or "number".
maxLength Number Optional 3.0 This is the max amount of characters a text settings value can have.
isPassword Switch Optional 3.0 If the setting is of the type "password" you should enable this as it will hide the characters from the input field. It will show dots instead. Please do know that communication between Touch Portal and the plug-in is open text. This option is made so that random people will not be able to peek at the password field. It is not secure.
minValue Number Optional 3.0 The minimum number value allowed for a number type setting.
maxValue Number Optional 3.0 The maximum number value allowed for a number type setting.
readOnly Switch Optional 3.0 For some settings you do not want the user to edit them but you do want to share them. Using this switch will allow you to do so. Updating these setting values should be done with the dynamic functions.